Backseat Ballgames.

So, South Koreans are mental for baseball. Like, insane. Being relatively unaware of this fact we arrived at the Seoul sports stadium with the idea that we could get tickets at the door for the game that day. In retrospect that was pretty naive. The place was swarming with super baseball fans, each sporting their teams jersey, with beers in one hand and a bag full of deep fried chicken in the other. If there is something that Koreans like more than baseball it’s probably deep fried chicken, or just meat in general.

After searching for ticket scalpers, we almost gave up and began to head towards the metro but were intercepted by a few creepy older men who sold us some tickets for only a slightly inflated price. Thankfully, we are in Asia, and not only can we bargain but everything is still pretty damn cheap.

The game was pretty cool. The stadium was heaving with people.  A mixture of red, white and blue jerseys flooded the grandstand. The crowd jeered, hooted and sang loudly, clapping those ridiculous inflatable bats at every possible moment. It didn’t matter that there wasn’t enough space, excited couples and solitary fans squeezed onto the staircases and rejoiced together when pretty much anything happened. It was rad.